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Stark·Sanft translates as „Strong·Gentle“. The words “strong” and “gentle” are not opposites, rather they complement each other. One must have inner strength to allow for personal growth and gentle love. Through a combination of coaching, NLP and if desired, hypnosis, I can help you build your inner strength in times of stress and/or before giving birth. Through gentle exercises and insights I will teach you how to use your own body and personal strengths to regain your inner peace. Very quickly you will benefit from a calmer state of mind, more self-security and improved physical health.

Years of training and experience in clinical and research settings enables me to easily apply the newest advances in the field to best help you reach your personal goals. My personal experiences as a mother, caregiver, not to mention applying the my own experiences with the methods I teach, give me the understanding and empathy that you will feel in every sitting we have together.

I so much look forward to accompaning you on your journey to a deeper understanding of self and deep, long-lasting inner peace.

Be well!

Dr. Marjorie Kinney

Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.



Learning to Let Go - Making Room to Grow

Some people who have only seen hypnosis on tv think that going into hypnosis would be giving up control. Wrong! Hypnosis is all about gaining more control over your life in a gentle, enjoyable way with no side-effects and in a short period of time.

Hypnosis is a trance-like state of focused attention. The participant is awake and in control the entire time. While in hypnosis people range from being moderately to deeply relaxed. It feels great! In this state of deep relaxation profound changes can begin to happen. Unhelpful behaviors and thoughts that are deeply rooted in the unconscious are accessible through hypnosis and replaced by positive beliefs and thoughts. In short, you learn how to use your own body and mind to heal your own body and mind. Those who have experienced the benefits of hypnosis once continue to use it for the rest of their lives.

Areas of Treatment

Improving self-confidence

Depression, including postpartum depression

Fertility issues

Increasing productivity and energy

Reducing stress and anxieties

Weight loss

Quitting smoking

Chronic Pain

….and much more



Uncovering Your Own Strengths and Resources - For a Gentle Birth and for Life

Hypnobirthing at StarkSanft teaches women and their partners how to naturally minimize potential pain and make birth a wonderful experience that both partners can be proud of. Couples also learn what choices they have about the birth (for example, where, with whom, in what positions, water birth or not and pain management).  Best of all, the tools and techniques you will learn in order to achieve the birth that you want, can be taken with you and applied to other areas in your life – such as the challenges you will face as a new parent, in your place of work – so that you can become a more resilient and confident you.

The hypnobirthing program I offer is based on the original HypnoBirthing method as developed by Marie Mongan (United States). I also bring in other elements from the Wise Hippo program (Great Britain), as well as my own research on the parent-child-bonding process and maternal mental health. My classes are custom tailored to your needs and personal goals.

Topics Addressed in Stark·Sanft Hypnobirthing

What is (self) hypnosis and how does it help during birth

Natural pain management

Breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques

Fear of giving birth and how to manage it

The very important role of the husband/partner during birth

Birthing positions and preparing my body to give a gentle birth

Bonding with baby during pregnancy

What to expect for the first year after birth

Massage techniques

How to address the medical staff  to ensure my wishes are fulfilled

Possible Additional Topics

Hypnobirthing and a planned or spontaneous c-section

Trauma due to a previous birth or other experiences

Postpartum depression and anxiety treatment and prevention



With You Every Step of the Way

Spa Stones


What is the value of your happiness?

Coaching- per 60 Minute session, 70 Euros


Finally achieving results and change!

maternity dress


Pregnancy, parenting, wellbeing

Hypnobirthing can take place in my rooms or in your home. All sessions are private – that is with only one couple at a time. The price includes four sessions, each approximately 2.5 hours, the HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan, hypnosis scripts for expectant parents to practice at home, as well as telephone and email support.

Hypnobirthing course (4 x 2.5 hours), 500 Euros

Many health insurances will cover a part of the costs. Please contact your insurance to find out what their policies.

Courses can take place  in your home or in my lovely renovated farmers house.  Should your home be outside of the greater Tübingen/Reutlingen area and you wish to have sessions there, please be aware that there will be addition fees to cover driving expenses.

maternity dress


Pregnancy, parenting, wellbeing

Hypnobirthing can take place in my rooms or in your home. All sessions are private – that is with only one couple at a time (unless you wish to do classes together with a couple you know). Each person comes to hypnobirthing with their own histories and needs. After years of experience as a hypnobirthing instructor I find the non-group setting to be the very best way to truly  get the best out of this lovely experience.

Hypnobirthing course (4 x 2.5 hours), 500 Euros

 -including 1x  Marie Mongan Hypnobirthing book, handouts for expectant parents, take-home meditations, and care and support for you throughout the entire pregnancy.

Note: Many health insurances will cover a part of the costs. Please contact your insurance to find out what their policies.

Hypnosis- per 60 Minute session, 70 Euros



Tel.: +49 (0)1766 258 0290




Hypnosis sessions are 90 minutes. Hypnobirthing sessions are 2.5 hours each.


Most of my clients are required to pay out of pocket. However, some insurances cover some of the costs. Please ask your insurance provider directly regarding their policies.


Please feel free to contact me about a sliding scale policy if you feel you need hypnobirthing courses or hypnosis but are not able to afford my standard hourly fees.


Yes! Please bring your birthing partner! Birthing partners play a very important role during the birth that should not be underestimated. In fact, one of the great strengths of hypnobirthing are the tools and methods that partners learn so they can support, help reduce pain, and guide a birthing mother.


The tools and techniques learned in hypnobirthing to reduce fear and achieve a healthy parent-infant bond can also be applied during a planned or spontaneous c-section. If you are planning a c-section and desire a calm and beautiful birth for you and your baby, I can certainly tailor all hypnobirthing sessions to fulfill your individual needs.


I am happy to do sessions in your home, even if you live outside of Reutlingen/Tübingen. I do ask for your understanding, however, that I will require an additional fee to cover the driving costs.



“I do not think I can hypnotised?” Everybody who wants to can enjoy the benefits of hypnosis. Like all new things it can take time and practice, but so far I have not encountered anybody who did not start to profit from hypnosis by the second session.

“I do not think I will like being vulnerable or exposed while in a hypnotic state.”  Hypnosis is a very relaxing and enjoyable to experience. At no time do participants lose control over their minds or bodies.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is a saying that certainly applies to the mental wellbeing of children and teenagers. Especially while the human brain is still developing and humans are at their most impressionable, it is important to take any concerns you may have about the health of your child seriously and to not hesitate to contact a professional with questions.

I have been working with children and teens on a counseling basis for over 10 years and enjoy working with young people immensely. Feel free to call and set up an initial session for your child at any time. 


“I do not think I can be hypnotised?” Everybody who wants to can enjoy the benefits of hypnosis. Like all new things it can take time and practice, but so far I have not encountered anybody who did not start to profit from hypnosis by the second session. And why not? It is a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable experience.

“I do not think I will like being vulnerable or exposed while in a hypnotic state.”  At no time do participants lose control over their minds or bodies in hypnosis. You are awake and conscious the entire time. Just like you can get up from a massage table and get dressed when ever you want, you can get up and leave the hypnosis chair when ever you want.



Dr. rer. nat. Marjorie Kinney

A few words about my work style: My educational upbringing was pure scientific method. Both my masters and doctoral training were strongly oriented in the behavioral sciences, most specifically in behavioral psychotherapy. This background provides me with strong roots in research, enabling me to understand and incorporate the newest insights from the field into my practice. After my formal education, I was able to really spread my wings and devote time to the less well researched - but in my experience - equally as useful tools in self-transformation and healing. In addition to systemic and behavioral therapy tools, I enjoy,  taking sessions out into nature and doing therapy while walking, exploring spirit animals, employing methods from Psych-K and energy healing, as well as all kinds of archetypes/journey/shadow and light/ and tarot cards.

I love being able to use both my scientific and esoteric training to best tailor my practices to each of my patients. My eclectic, but extensive training has given me the experience and knowledge to make a real change in my client’s lives.  And I love every minute of it!

I was born and grew up in Wisconsin in the United States, but have enjoyed living in Germany now for over 15 years. I have three wonderful children as well as a patient old dog. In addition to being a hypnotherapist, I work as a learning therapist with children and teenagers.

A few things that really make me happy are: a good book, long hikes in the forest, hearing the birds singing in the morning, time spent with good friends, and a great meal. Oh, and as everyone who knows me knows, I love foxes!

​My passion for hypnobirthing and hypnosis developed after working for several years in the area of early parent-child attachment. It was the obvious next step to start working with moms and dads BEFORE the birth of their child to ensure not only a great start for baby, from the very first day of life, but of course the very best birth possible. After all, a joyful mom gives birth to a joyful infant.



The Wise Hippo, Instructor - Birthing Program instructor training, Essex Great Britain

HypnoBirthing Instructor –  the HypnoBirthing Society of Europa, Sydney Sobotka

​International Certified Hypnotherapist (NGH) - National Guild of Hypnostists and the Institute for Clinical Hypnosis,  Magdeburg, Dr. Norbert Preetz

​SAFE (Safe Attachment Family Education) Mentor -  Prevention Project SAFE, Dr. Karl Heinz Brisch, University of Munich

​ICEP-R (Infant Caregiver Engagement Phases), the Still Face Paradigm  – Certification in the coding system ICEP-R, Dipl. – Psych. Daniela Noe, Clinic for Psychiatric Medicine, University Clinic of Heidelberg



Doctorate of natural science in clinical psychology, PhD – 2017 (University of Tübingen)

Masters in counselling psychology, MS – 2011 (Capella University)

Bachelors in German studies, BA (with a minor in psychology) – 2006 (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Dr. Marjorie Kinney


Heerstraße 21
72127 Kusterdingen

+49 (0)1766 258 0290

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