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Hypnobirthing teaches parents-to-be how to naturally minimize pain and make birth a wonderful experience. Best of all, the tools and techniques you will learn can be applied to other areas in your life so that you can become a more resilient and confident person.


The hypnobirthing program I offer is based on the original HypnoBirthing method as developed by Marie Mongan (United States). I also bring in other elements from the Wise Hippo program (Great Britain), as well as my own research on the parent-child-bonding process and maternal mental health. My classes are custom tailored to your needs and personal goals.


Hypnobirthing and a planned or spontaneous c-section


Trauma due to a previous birth or other experiences


Postpartum depression and anxiety treatment and prevention


  • Learning self-hypnosis and how it helps during birth

  • Natural pain management

  • Breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques

  • Managing fear of giving birth 

  • The role of the partner during birth

  • Birthing positions and preparing your body to give a gentle birth

  • Bonding with baby during pregnancy

  • What to expect for the first year after birth

  • Massage techniques

  • How to address the medical staff  to ensure your wishes are fulfilled

  • Hypnobirthing and a planned or spontaneous c-section

  • Addressing trauma from a previous birth or other experiences

  • Postpartum depression and anxiety treatment and prevention


I am thrilled to be working with the Gravidamiga team in Stuttgart and the FamilienRaum team in Reutlingen for all things "mama and pregnancy" related. Please check out their websites to see all the amazing classes they have on offer.



Private hypnobirthing classes are a really lovely (even romantic) experience. This is a great choice for parents-to-be who want intimate and private experience.

Location: Private hypnobirthing can take place in my rooms or ONLINE.

Price: 560 € per couple

  • 10 - 12.5 hours (4 sessions), personally tailored to your needs!

  • One after birth visit

  • Including the Hypnobirthing book from Marie Mongan, Hypnobirthing: A Natural Approach To A Safe, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing

  • Handouts for expectant parents

  • Take-home meditation recordings and exercises

  • Personalized hypnosis recordings upon request

  • Online and/or in-person care and support for you throughout the entire pregnancy, birth and after birth

Note: Many health insurances will cover a part of the costs. Please contact your insurance to find out what their policies are.

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