Dr. rer. nat. Marjorie Kinney

A few words about my work style:

My educational upbringing was pure scientific method. Both my masters and doctoral training were strongly oriented in the behavioral sciences, most specifically in behavioral psychotherapy. This background provides me with strong roots in research, enabling me to understand and incorporate the newest insights from the field into my practice. After my formal education, I was able to really spread my wings and devote time to the less well researched - but in my experience - equally as useful tools in self-transformation and healing. In addition to systemic and behavioral therapy tools, I enjoy,  taking sessions out into nature and doing therapy while walking, exploring spirit animals, employing methods from Psych-K and energy healing, as well as all kinds of archetypes/journey/shadow and light/ and tarot cards.


  • Doctorate of natural science in clinical psychology,

    PhD – 2017 (University of Tübingen)

  • Masters in counselling psychology,

    MS – 2011 (Capella University)

  • Bachelors in German studies,

    BA (with a minor in psychology)

    – 2006 (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

I love being able to use both my scientific and esoteric training to best tailor my practices to each of my patients. My eclectic, but extensive training has given me the experience and knowledge to make a real change in my client’s lives.  And I love every minute of it!

I was born and grew up in Wisconsin in the United States, but have enjoyed living in Germany now for over 15 years. I have three wonderful children as well as a patient old dog. A few things that really make me happy are: a good book, long hikes in the forest, hearing the birds singing in the morning, time spent with good friends, and a great meal. Oh, and as everyone who knows me knows, I love foxes!

​My passion for hypnobirthing and hypnosis developed after working for several years in the area of early parent-child attachment. It was the obvious next step to start working with moms and dads BEFORE the birth of their child to ensure not only a great start for baby, from the very first day of life, but of course the very best birth possible. After all, a joyful mom gives birth to a joyful infant. I work together with the wonderful people at Gravidamiga in all things mother and baby to further support women in and around the greater Stuttgart area.

Additional Certifications

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, University of Berkley California - In training

  • Psych-K Facilitator - Psych-K, Brunhild Hofmann, Oberursal, Germany

  • The Wise Hippo Instructor - Birthing Program instructor training, Essex Great Britain

  • HypnoBirthing Instructor –  the HypnoBirthing Society of Europa, Sydney Sobotka

  • ​International Certified Hypnotherapist (NGH) - National Guild of Hypnostists and the Institute for Clinical Hypnosis,  Magdeburg, Dr. Norbert Preetz

  • ​SAFE (Safe Attachment Family Education) Mentor -  Prevention Project SAFE, Dr. Karl Heinz Brisch, University of Munich

  • ​ICEP-R (Infant Caregiver Engagement Phases), the Still Face Paradigm  – Certification in the coding system ICEP-R, Dipl. – Psych. Daniela Noe, Clinic for Psychiatric Medicine, University Clinic of Heidelberg


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