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Dr. Marjorie Kinney, PhD

Clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, lecturer, coach

My educational upbringing was pure scientific method. Both my masters and doctoral training were strongly oriented in the behavioral sciences, most specifically in behavioral psychotherapy. This background provides me with strong roots in research, enabling me to understand and incorporate the newest insights from the field into my work as a coach.

In addition to coaching and lecturing, I enjoy being a Hypnobirthing instructor. My passion for hypnobirthing and hypnosis developed after working for several years in the area of early parent-child attachment. It was the obvious next step to start working with moms and dads BEFORE the birth of their child to ensure not only a great start for baby, from the very first day of life, but of course the very best birth possible. After all, a joyful mom gives birth to a joyful infant.

"To heal ourselves, we must unite magic with science."  - Carly A. Hammerschlag, M.D.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, USA. I have lived in various cities in Germany for over 15 years with my three great kids.



A few words about me:

I was born and grew up in Wisconsin in the United States, but have enjoyed living in Germany now for over 15 years. I have three wonderful children. A few things that really make me happy are: a good book, long hikes in the forest, hearing the birds singing in the morning, time spent with good friends, and a great meal. Oh, and as everyone who knows me knows, I love foxes!



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