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The Food-Mood Connection: An Interview with Dr. Alicia McCubbins

Click on the link above, or find me where you listen to podcasts, to hear this week's episode.

The Food-Mood Connection

Let food be thy medicine.

- Hippocrates

The foods we eat can have a major impact on our moods. For decades there has been a growing mountain of evidence showing that certain foods can, for example, trigger the symptoms of mental illnesses all across the spectrum from autism to schizophrenia. The foods you are eating can also be increasing your levels of stress, anxiety and depression without you even realizing it. While stuck at home and emptying out our pantries, there are some foods you may want to consider avoiding or adding to your diet to best support your mental wellness.

In this episode I interview Dr. Alicia McCubbins, a licensed naturopathic physician on the link between food and mood. So go ahead and dig in to this week’s podcast.

If you are interested in getting in contact with Dr. McCubbins, check out her webpage.

Be well. Eat well.


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